Laser Hair Removal



Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a fast, non-invasive, effective and longer lasting way to remove unwanted body or facial hair without damaging the delicate pores of the skin, and with little downtime. Here at the Aesthetics House we offer a full range of hair removal LASERS, so we can guarantee you the one best suited to your individual hair and skin type. Our advanced laser systems are some of the best known in the industry, and include Fotona Nd Yag and Dominoe Alexandrite. These four different lasers provide an array of wavelengths so there is one suitable for all skin types and hair colours. In 2012 we carried out over 1600 Laser hair removal procedures, so our experience combined with our state of the art technology and our first class care and attention makes us the leader in the local area.
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  • Laser/IPL Hair Removal
  • Electrolysis
Laser/IPL Hair Removal

How it works

The melanin pigment in your hair absorbs the light from the laser. The light is converted into heat. The melanin in the hair is then destroyed. Provided sufficient laser energy is used, the melanin pigment of the hair is able to absorb sufficient energy from the laser to destroy the hair follicle

Unfortunately, there are two critical factors in laser hair removal:

1. The light energy can be delivered very precisely so it can destroy the hair follicle without causing injury to the “normal” skin. The practitioner must use sufficient energy to destroy the target chromophores without causing injury to the “normal” skin.

2. Hair grows in three phases, for effective hair removal,the hair must be in the active growing phase or Anagen phase to be permanently removed. The hair grows in both directions – upward and downward.

What can I expect?

At your initial consultation, we’ll assess your skin type and hair quality to determine the optimum treatment programme for you to achieve the best results. A ‘test patch’ must be performed 24 hours before any treatment commences; this is complimentary.

Two days before the Laser procedure, we advise that you shave the area being treated; this will ensure that the hairs are the right length. For most treatments you do not need to wear any special clothing. However, if you are having hair removed from the bikini line or armpit, you may wish to bring a change of clothes to wear after the treatment.

During treatment the laser therapist slowly moves a hand-piece over the treatment area to deliver pulses of light energy. Eye protection is worn by both the client and therapist. Most people experience minimal discomfort, usually a slight tingling sensation.

Redness and swelling may occur following the treatment but this is usually short-lived, lasting one to two days. Aloe Vera Gel will be supplied to soothe discomfort after the treatment.

Is everybody suitable for Laser hair removal?

Grey, blonde or red hairs do not contain enough pigment making it much harder for the laser to do its work effectively, due to these lower levels of melanin being present near the root of the follicle, we would not recommend laser hair removal as an option. Laser works by recognizing the dark pigmentation of melanin in the hair follicle, lighter hair types can reduce the success rate of the laser. For lighter hairs we would recommend Electrolysis as an alternative. Electrolyis effectively treats lighter hairs individually, although it may be time consuming and not quite as quick, this treatment is still extremely popular and affordable. 

Home care advice

In the first few days following the treament, Aloe Vera Gel should be applied regularly to soothe the area. Sun exposure or sun beds should be avoided for at least four weeks before and after treatment. A sun cream of at least SPF30 should be applied to the exposed treated areas every day for at least four weeks after the treatment, regardless of the weather.

 How many treatments will I need?

Multiple treatment sessions are required as only hair follicles in the growth phase (anagen) respond to treatment. About 15% of your follicles are resting (telophase) at any given time and will not be affected by the treatment.

Between six and twelve treatment sessions may be required to provide long-lasting reduction in hair growth. Stubborn areas, such as beard hair in men, may require more treatment sessions.

How often do I need a treatment? 

The interval between treatment sessions is usually four to six weeks, but will vary depending on the area of the body. The number and frequency of treatments required is also dependent on the density and location of hair, as well as skin type, hair colour and other factors including underlying hormonal issues and medication.

Remember a complimentary consultation and test patch are both necessary before any treatment can be carried out!


For those clients seeking the permanent removal of unwanted hair, electrolysis is an excellent alternative to laser treatment, which can be ineffective at treating white, grey or blonde hair because of its lack of pigment.

Electrolysis hair removal

A very fine needle is used to pass a small amount of energy into the hair follicle. This creates heat, which destroys the cells at the base of the follicle that produce hair.

What can I expect?

We use only the best equipment for this procedure, Carlton Professional Ultrablend, which combines two effective methods of hair removal that simultaneously increase the success of the treatment.

• D.C – Galvanism

• R.F – Diathermy

How many Electrolysis treatments will I need?

Because hairs grow at different rates and time, a course of treatment will be necessary to reach all the hairs at the correct time in their growth cycle, between 10-15 treatments may be necessary.

Electrolysis is generally not recommended for large areas like the legs, bikini, or back. The most effective areas for electrolysis treatment are usually facial areas like the upper lip, chin, and cheeks, and it’s suitable for anyone young or old and all skin colours and types.

What alternatives are available?

If you have experienced electrolysis, you will know better than anybody about how lengthy and uncomfortable the process can be. With new advanced technology we can treat all skin and hair types effectively with no redness or irritation using an Intense Pulsed Light or a Laser.

You are probably thinking IPL or Laser hair removal is too expensive? Infact, IPL hair removal is very cost effective as a treatment area can be cleared in just 6 treatments. The number of treatments can vary depending on the skin and hair type. A thorough complimentary consultation will be needed to determine  the exact course.

Price List
Body – List 1

  • Abdomen Centre£50
  • Full Abodomen£95
  • Lower Back£85
  • Full Back£200
  • Shoulder£120
  • Arms (Full)£120
  • Lower Arms£85
  • 3/4 Arms£100

Body – List 2

  • Underarms£55
  • Bikini (Standard)£75
  • Bikini (Extended)£95
  • Bikini Thong£100
  • Brazilian (Including Buttocks Crease)£120
  • Hollywood (Including Buttocks Crease)£130
  • Buttocks (Full)£100
  • Buttocks (Partial)£75

Body – List 3

  • Buttocks Crease£55
  • Chest/Breast£95
  • Breast£65
  • Feet/Toes£50
  • Legs Full£250
  • Legs Full (Including Normal Bikini)£300
  • Legs (Upper)£180
  • Legs (Lower)£150

Face – List 1

  • Upper Lip (From)£55
  • Upper Lip and Chin (From)£85
  • Chin£50
  • Sideburns£85
  • Neck£85

Face – List 2

  • Cheeks (From)£80
  • Hairline£59
  • Glabella£35
  • Top Eyebrow£60
  • Full Face (Includes Upper Lip, Chin, Cheeks, Sideburns)£100

Body – List 3

  • Full Face (Includes Upper Lip, Chin, Cheeks, Sideburns and Neck)£140
  • Ears (From)£35
  • Laser Nose£35
  • Laser Ears£45

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